Mercedes w220 gear selector problem

The longitudinally installed Mercedes-Benz drivetrain came with a choice of 5, 6 or 7 speed automatic transmission. The transmission is computer controlled to provide smooth shifting, high fuel economy and good performance. The shift selector module is an electronic shift or transmission range switch.

It is monitored by the transmission control module, reporting the current gear, gear change requests and park or neutral. Due to location and frequency of use, this selector module fails over time. When it fails it can cause the transmission to miss shifts, remain in neutral or prevent the vehicle from starting when park or neutral isn't seen.

There are many fault codes associated with the module when it fails, so be sure to use a Mercedes-Benz scan tool to query the control module. To gain access to the selector module, it is necessary to remove the center console. See our tech article on center console removing. Keep in mind that when your car was serviced before, parts may have been replaced with different size fasteners used in the replacement. The sizes of the nuts and bolts we give may be different from what you have, so be prepared with different size sockets and wrenches.

Protect your eyes, hands and body from fluids, dust and debris while working on your vehicle. If you're working with the electrical system, disconnect the battery before beginning. Always catch fluids in appropriate containers and properly dispose of any fluid waste.

Recycle parts, packaging and fluids when possible. Do not work on your vehicle if you feel the task is beyond your ability. Vehicle models change and evolve, as they grow older, so the vehicle shown in our illustrations may vary slightly from yours. If something seems different, let us know and share your info to help other users. Do you have questions or want to add to the article? Leave a comment below.

mercedes w220 gear selector problem

When leaving a comment, please leave your vehicle information. Check out our complete Technical Article Directory for guides to many other procedures. Check out our Basic Maintenance section, which has all the parts you'll need to get your vehicle running its best, including filters, fluids, brakes, spark plugs, lighting, and more for your WWatch the video below to learn how to get the car out of park in emergency situations or if you need the car towed.

Resources on where to find the part and how to replace it provided below. If you are looking for a shifter release switch you will not find one. In the video below we will show you a way to get your Mercedes-Benz shifter to move out of park. The function of this plastic piece is to unlock the shifter from park position.

It breaks inside the shifter and causes the shifter lever to not release from park position. The small piece are known to fail frequently. You can find this part on Amazon and replacing it is possible if you are willing to remove the shifter module and open it up.

There are three different types of these shifter selectors available 2 types of 11mm, 1 type of 5mm. Please make sure you are purchasing the correct selector by comparing the existing piece on your vehicle with the pictures. Replacing the broken piece is not difficult.

Watch this video tutorial below to learn how to replace it on your S-Class. You will need to disconnect the linkage under the car to the transmission to remove the shifter module. Unassemble the shifter box and inside you will see a small broken plastic. That is the part that you need to replace. Cart 0. Possible Causes and Solutions These are the two main reasons why your S-Class will not come out of park.Have you ever started your Mercedes-Benz but discovered that the transmission gear selector refused to move out of Park P to Drive D?

Or have you ever turn off the car but unable to move the shifter back to Park? There are some troubleshooting steps that can speedily help you narrow down the issue. This article will show you how to manually get the car out of the park and how you can troubleshoot gear selector shifter problems without the help of a mechanic. If your car starts fine, but you are unable to more the shifter into Drive and you notice the shifter is stuck, there may be some accompanying symptoms:. Mercedes-Benz cars that are fortified with automatic transmission have a gear selector shifter interlock safety feature.

mercedes w220 gear selector problem

When you turn the ignition off, this safety feature locks the shifter in Park. To move the shifter out of Park into Drive, reinsert the key into the ignition and turn it to position.

The interlock mechanism permits the shifter to move out of Park when you press the brake pedal and when you turn the ignition to Position I, II, or Run. The list of the most common reasons why the gear selector does not move out or Park and into Drive includes:. If the shifter on your Mercedes-Benz is unable to move out of park, first check the battery. After establishing that the battery is fully charged, then check for a defective brake light switch or a damaged shifter module.

It is a common occurrence for the Brake Light Switch to fail. It is commonly caused by the transmission stuck in Park problem.

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When this happens, the shifter will not be released except you press the brake pedal which is proper operation. Once the Brake Light Switch stops functioning properly the shifter will be unable to tell if you are pressing the brake pedal or not, this will cause it to get in park. Avoid checking if the brake lights are working to establish whether the brake light switch is functioning or not.

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This is not an ideal test to troubleshoot if the brake light switch is functioning or not. A major symptom that you notice easily when the brake light switch fails and you are unable to get the car out of park is that the ESP, ABS or BAS lights will also turn on. This indicates that the brake light switch may require replacement.

The shifter assembly may malfunction due to wear or internal failure. The shift interlock solenoid, located inside the shifter assembly can fail. Plastic parts located inside the shifter can breakdown. You can check the gear selector on your instrument cluster. A low battery voltage of dead battery is one common cause why the shifter may not move out of park. You should replace a dead battery before proceeding with other repairs.

It is quite easy to replace the battery on your car. The ignition switch should be in position I, II or engine running. After turning the key to any of these positions the shifter is unlocked from park, through a cable or electronic switch.

If the cable or the ignition switch fails, the shifter may get stuck in park.Have you noticed a "clunking" sound when you put your car into gear? Is there a rattling sound coming from the gear selector lever when you drive over rough roads? If so, the cause is probably the small bushing at the very bottom of the gear selector. This bushing sits directly above the catalytic converters and over time, wears out due to heat and repeated use. Replacement isn't too difficult, but the bushing itself sits in an awkward location.

Begin by jacking the car up and securing it on jackstands at all four jacking points on the car.

mercedes w220 gear selector problem

NEVER rely on a floor jack to hold the car up. Doing so only invites the possibility for a serious accident. You'll want to get the car as high up as you can. Owners of the E should check which bushing they have first. Model years and later are all 5-speeds. Shown here is the new gear selector bushing for the W Mercedes with the Large Image Extra-Large Image.

Gear Selector Bushing Replacement

With the engine off, place the car into first gear. This will move the end of the gear lever closer to the front of the car for easier access. Underneath the car, you'll see the green bushing yellow arrow on the end of the lever.

Remove the spring clip green arrowthen push the linkage arm purple arrow out of the bushing. Use a screwdriver to push the old bushing out of the end of the gear selector lever green arrow.

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Now comes the tricky part. You'll need to press the new bushing into the end of the gear selector lever. In our case, I put a small amount of silicone lubricant on the outside of the new bushing and slid it halfway into place on the lever. Then I was able to press the remaining lip into place using a set of long needle-nose pliers. This picture shows the new bushing installed on the lever green arrow.

At this point, just push the linkage arm through the new bushing and re-install the spring clip. At that's it, you're finished. Got more questions?

Or, see what other questions readers have asked about this article All Search Everything. Time: 15 mins. Need to buy parts for this project? Click here to order! Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure 4.Mercedes-Benz is a brand known for their durability, longevity, and sophistication; however, even the most highly reliable brands can let us down once in a while. Whether you own an automatic or a manual transmission Mercedesparticular models have been known to undergo transmission issues —particularly with the gear selectors.

When a gear selector fails, it can be frustrating to deal with the inconvenience and sometimes the problem is expensive to repair. Keeping up with ongoing vehicle maintenance can greatly reduce the risk of gear selector issuesalthough sometimes the cause of such issues has nothing to do with our diligence as car owners and everything to do with manufacturing and design. If your gear selector is failing, you might notice grinding noises while shifting gears, or clicking sounds coming from the gear selector itself.

It is also common to experience difficulty shifting smoothly from one gear to the next—which mainly occurs in automatic engines. Drivers with gear selector failure have also noticed difficulty going from drive to reverse smoothly without stopping fully in neutral.

While the symptoms of transmission problems mimic the symptoms of other potential issues, these are some of the common reasons why you could be having issues with your gear selector. Your transmission is made up of a system of intricate parts including bandslinkagescablesand gearsall of which wear out over time. It is important to keep your Mercedes well-maintained, including frequent tune-ups and inspectionsfluid changes and top-offs, and replace any parts that are especially damaged or worn.

By doing these things and following your recommended maintenance schedule set forth by the dealershipyou can prevent transmission wear from leading to gear selector failure.

The valve body is a critical element of an automatic transmission. It is responsible for keeping hydraulic fluid flowing through the transmission so that the proper gear-shifting mechanism can be enabled while going from one gear to the next.

If the valve body fails, then the gear-shifting mechanism also fails. It is important to have your automotive specialist thoroughly inspect the valve body to determine where the root of gear-shifting issues is coming from.

If the valve body is failing or damaged, then it will need to be replaced by a professional. Although Mercedes vehicles are exceptional, every brand has its downsides and manufacturing issues.

Other transmission issues that have been known to come up in Mercedes vehicles are shifter module or brake light switch failureboth of which can lead to gear-shifting problems. When you experience transmission issues, the best thing to do is schedule an appointment with a professional Mercedes specialist. It is imperative to employ the correct troubleshooting methods and order of operations to rule-out potential causes of the problem.

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To accurately diagnose an issue, it is important to have the proper equipment and specialized skills working with Mercedes vehicles—otherwise, you might end up spending hundreds in diagnostic fees alone. The staff of experts here at Star Motors are an essential part of why our business has remained one of the top European automotive specialty shops in the area of San Juan Capistrano and Southern Orange County for over 30 years; they are certified, and highly-trained and skilled in working with all Mercedes vehicles.

If you drive a Mercedes and are having difficulty with your transmission or gear selector, contact us today to schedule an inspection or diagnostic appointment. Mercedes Interior image credit goes to: VladTeodor. Auto Info. Email Address. First Name.Mercedes cars are known for luxury, efficiency, and high performance standards, which is why it can be highly troubling to run into issues such as gear selector failure.

As part of the transmissiongear selector issues are inconvenient, concerning, and often expensive to repair. Mercedes cars run into gear selector issues more often, as they are one of the higher-reported problems by drivers over the years.

Since the symptoms of gear selector issues can mimic symptoms of other problems, it is important to perform a differential diagnosis to rule-out other causes of the performance symptoms. Gear selector failure will produce one or more of the following symptoms that can significantly affect how your Mercedes functions daily.

Over time, the problem can only worsen. Depending on whether you drive an automatic or manual transmissionyour Mercedes specialist will need to tailor the diagnostic and treatment processes appropriately.

mercedes w220 gear selector problem

These are the most common signs of gear selector problems:. What causes gear selector failure in a Mercedes is not all that different from other vehicles; however, depending on where the problem originated, fixing the issue can be complicated and will require specialized knowledge and skill working with Mercedes cars. These are some of the more common causes of gear selector failure:.

In an automatic transmission Mercedes, the valve body is responsible for ensuring that the hydraulic transmission fluid flows adequately through the various parts, lending to appropriate gear shifting. When the valve body encounters issues or becomes worn, it can certainly cause noticeable gear-shifting problems.

If this is the cause of your gear selector problem, then the valve body will also need to be replaced. Mercedes cars are manufactured to be durable and perform reliably over time. Unfortunately, even the finest cars are not without their manufacturing deficits. In fact, some Mercedes drivers have even attempted to sue the company over failing transmissions. Over time your Mercedes transmission will accrue wear.

This can contribute to gear selector failure, and gear selector failure can further wear out parts as well. Keeping these parts in good working condition and staying on top of transmission fluid maintenance can help keep these parts from affecting each other negatively over time. When you take your Mercedes to a specialist, they provide you with the highest level of care possible.

Hiring a Mercedes specialist can save you time and money in the long run by providing you with an accurate diagnosis, an appropriate treatment plan, and quality replacement parts designed specifically for your Mercedes. Gear selector issues can be difficult to diagnose correctly the first time around, and many Mercedes drivers tend to go back and forth from shops after they continue experiencing the same issues hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs later.

Give us a call at or Request Appointment. Amid the increasing public health concerns with regards to the Coronavirus COVIDI want you to know that the safety of our customers and colleagues is of paramount importance to every member of our team. In the event you prefer to avoid dropping-off and picking up your vehicle in person, or if you are stuck home with children due to school closings, please know that we do offer a complimentary pickup and delivery service.

Posted on: June 19, Warning Signs of Gear Selector Issues Mercedes cars run into gear selector issues more often, as they are one of the higher-reported problems by drivers over the years.

Automatic Transmission Shift Module Replacement

These are some of the more common causes of gear selector failure: Valve Body Failure In an automatic transmission Mercedes, the valve body is responsible for ensuring that the hydraulic transmission fluid flows adequately through the various parts, lending to appropriate gear shifting.

Manufacturing Deficits Mercedes cars are manufactured to be durable and perform reliably over time. Normal Transmission Wear Over time your Mercedes transmission will accrue wear. Properly Diagnosing Your Mercedes is the First Step When you take your Mercedes to a specialist, they provide you with the highest level of care possible.Something bad was happened and on our customers car the selector of the automatic transmission began to fail, periodically lost the current speed.

As it turned out, the problem was in the electronic control unit. The matter was complicated by the fact that this electronic control unit, including, gives permission to start the engine.

Put from another machine cannot be wound up. With the delivery, she cost me about usd. So, installing it in the car, we with the master received a bummer. No dancing with a tambourine with the old did not help. With the new light up, but did not start. It seemed all predetermined and will help only the purchase of a new spare part. I unfortunately did not find any detailed information. And, without waiting for anything, we took a soldering station and started experiments.

Experienced way it was found out that to start the engine it is enough to solder two chips. I marked them in the picture.

Mercedes C w203 2002 gear selector shifter repair

After soldering, the machine is started and the speed is not lost. The only thing that confused me, it is possible that this was a glitch of the used unit did not work the electromagnet to allow switching modes.

Nobody has Mercedes Das manager or Xentry diagnostics. Great tool for work with Mercedes programming — MB Extreme. Hello, very interesting. Thank you for posting this. I am wondering though if the second chip on the right in your picturewas really necessary to move as this looks like CAN interface chip and does not contain any vehicle information.

We have a device that can prepare without opening and soldering. Your email address will not be published. May 15 How to repair Mercedes w gearbox selector module. Hi, dear Mercedes drivers! He invited me to a hunt and help him with the car. Why not? Category : Auto repair stories.

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